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Father pancake Seaside house in Noirmoutier France for rent

The Roof Terrace

The  wonderful large terrace on the roof of the Studio is extremely unusual in a Noirmoutier rental house . It's reached by a tiled staircase from the Courtyard, and has spectacular views over the rooftops to the Bay of Bourgneuf towards Pornic and mainland France, known locally as "Le Continent."  It's the perfect, sheltered place to sunbathe in privacy without the sand.  There's plenty of room for sun loungers and also a table and chairs for an evening aperitif or meal.   The light at dusk is golden and there are often spectacular sunsets.   We think it's what makes this French seaside holiday house in Noirmoutier so special.

Courtyards and Garden

There is a very quiet paved gravel garden outside the sitting room of this beach house in France - just perfect for reading your book or enjoying some shade in the heat of the day.  Beside this and outside the kitchen glass doors there is the Courtyard outside eating area where the large extendable table will take up to 12 guests.  Here there is a tiled side table where the big barbecue sits.  This also has plenty of room for use as a serving area and is right beside the kitchen for oven to table serving so nothing gets cold.  Parasols are provided as it can get very hot in summer in the middle of the day and only the hardiest can eat lunch in full sun.

Through the Games Room from the garden, there is a long thin courtyard bordered with agapanthus and other flowers.  This is where bikes can be safely parked protected from sight by the big gate.  There is also an outdoor shower for washing off the salty sea water and sand before you go into the house or if you just want to pop up from the beach.  In this area there is also an outside loo - again very useful with small children or if you are on the beach and don't want to go back to the house.

Beach Access in Le Vieil 

There is easy and safe access to the beach from both the front and back doors of this French seaside holiday house.   From the front, the Rue du Pere Crepier leads directly onto the beach of Le Grand Vieil about 50 metres away.  Before it gets to the house, the road becomes a track prohibited for cars except those going to the few houses nearer to the sea.   Once you get to the beach, there is a beautiful stone jetty and lots of rock pools  - and at very low tides you have the impression that the entire bay has emptied out.  Swimming is best three hours either side of  high tide as otherwise you have to wade out a long way.

From the back, the Rue des Courants which is a small track also leads directly onto the beach within about 30 metres.  The road is bordered by hollyhocks and a stone wall and has no traffic at all except bicycles.  This beach has more shade in the middle of the day and is often quieter than the one at the front.  This is perfect for high tide swimming and at low tide there are rock pools as far as the eye can see.

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